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Bartlett Moonwalk Rental (630)-400-6545

Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals are fun for everybody. Located in Bartlett, Illinois, Castle Party Rentals is not only local, but also very affordable. We strive to provide the best pricing on moonwalk rentals, the best variety of moonwalk rentals, and the best customer service in Bartlett. Many of our employees currently reside in Bartlett, IL so we feel that it is important for Castle Party Rentals to positively interact with the community. Also important to note is that Castle Party Rentals not only offers Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals, but also tent rentals, table rentals, chair rentals, concession machine rentals, entertainers and much more. If your party will not be held in Bartlett, then there is no need to worry. We service the entire Chicago land area outside of Bartlett and are really passionate about earning your business as well.

Time for some pictures of our Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals!!!

St. Charles Moonwalk Rental - Bounce House, Jumper, MoonjumpThis is our Mega Fortress Moonwalk Rental. For our Bartlett residents, it can be yours for only $145 for the whole day! Plus you get free delivery, setup, and takedown. This is a big 15' x 15' Castle with a safety ramp and very attractive. You can fit about 8-10 kids in this Bartlett Moonwalk Rental. This moonwalk is great for children as young as 2 years old, but can support adults. Yes, this moonwalk rental is commercial grade. We only rent inflatables that you can be proud of to display to your guests. Again, this Bartlett Moonwalk Rental is only $145 for the whole day and includes delivery, setup, and takedown. If you have any questions about the Mega Fortress Moonwalk Castle, please feel free to give our Bartlett, IL office a call at (630)-400-6545.

Saint Charles Moonwalk Rental Bounce House JumperLooking for a themed moonwalk rental in Bartlett, Illinois? Then the Medieval Castle Moonwalk is the perfect choice for you. The Medieval Castle Moonwalk Rental, as you can see, has some beautiful graphics on the moonwalk. The graphics are hand painted by a local Bartlett artist, specifically a princess, a knight, alligators, a draw bridge, etc. This Bartlett Moonwalk Rental is only $155 for the entire day and includes free delivery, setup, and takedown to Bartlett, IL. We only carry large 15' x 15' moonwalks so that many kids can jump in the moonwalk at one time, specifically 8-10 normal sized children. This is a commercial grade inflatable moonwalk, so even adults can join their children and have a good time. This Bartlett moonwalk rental is equipped with a safety ramp and many other safety features. Castle Party Rentals carries million dollar liability insurance and will opening present you with our proof of insurance. Rent from the best!

Saint Charles IL Moonwalk Rental - Bounce House, Jumper, MoonjumpThis is one of the best Bartlett Moonwalk rentals that we offer. Not only is it extremely attractive, but it is also very affordable. This Bartlett Moonwalk Rental called the Red Turret Castle rents for only $155 dollars for the whole day. We will deliver, setup, and takedown your Bartlett Moonwalk Rental anywhere in Bartlett, IL for free. If you live in Bartlett, we want your business. Our party rental company originated in  Bartlett, Illinois and consequently we want to give back to the Bartlett Community. The Red Turret Castle is a very large moonwalk rental in Bartlett. If you are looking for a fun and affordable attraction, then rent this Bartlett Moonwalk Rental and your children will be very thankful and bounce on the Bartlett Moonwalk rental for hours on end.

Chicago Moonwalk Rental - Bounce House, Jumper, MoonjumpCheck out this moonwalk rental in Bartlett, Illinois. It is called the Kingdom Castle moonwalk and rents for only $165 for the whole day. This deal is only available to Bartlett moonwalk clients. As residents of Bartlett, you will receive free delivery, setup, and pickup. It's the best deal available in Bartlett. If any other party rental company offers you a better price than our moonwalk rentals in Bartlett, then we will beat it by 10%. That's how confident we are about our Bartlett, IL moonwalk price and product. This Bartlett moonwalk rental (Kingdom Castle) is larger than any other moonwalk rental in Bartlett. If you are planning a party in Bartlett, then Castle Party Rentals should be your top choice. We will do everything to earn your business. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance with your Bartlett moonwalk needs.

St. Charles Moonwalk Rental - Bounce House, Jumper, MoonjumpThere are a lot of Princesses in Bartlett, Illinois. And they all deserve a Disney Princess Castle moonwalk rental for their birthday party. This Bartlett, IL moonwalk rental is a large castle that can fit up to 10 children. It is equipped with a safety ramp so that the kids can get in and out of the Bartlett moonwalk rental safely. This Bartlett moonwalk rental has all your daughter's favorite princesses in the graphics. Girls scream in excitement when they see this beautiful castle moonwalk rental from Castle Party Rentals, a company dedicated to provide the most affordable moonwalk rentals and party rentals to its Bartlett, IL residents and clients. If you are looking for the birthday present for your daughter, then renting this princess moonwalk will surely do the trick!

Saint Charles Moonwalk Rental - Bounce House, Jumper, MoonjumpHop aboard this Bartlett moonwalk rental and sail away with Captain Jack Sparrow. This is the Pirates Moonwalk that the kids will enjoy for hours on end. This particular Bartlett moonwalk rental rents for $175 for the whole day and includes delivery, setup, and pickup in Bartlett, Illinois. Castle Party Rentals cleans their moonwalks after each use to guarantee an attractive product. This Bartlett, Illinois moonwalk rental is very large, with an estimated size of over 16' x 16'. With such a large moonwalk, you can fit up to 10 children at one time. All of our Bartlett moonwalk rentals are commercial grade and can accommodate adults as well. Now, Castle Party Rentals offers an opportunity for children to bounce and enjoy themselves to alongside their children. If you have any questions about any of our Bartlett moonwalk rentals in Illinois, please call us at (630)-400-6545.

St. Charles IL Moonwalk Rental - Bounce House, Jumper, MoonjumpGet Ready. Get Set. Go! Take a victory lap with this Bartlett moonwalk rental. Called the Extreme Speed Racer moonwalk, it rents for $185 for the day and includes free delivery, setup, and take down to Bartlett, Illinois. This is a very popular moonwalk rental in Bartlett. You may have seen this moonwalk in your neighbor's back yard, at your child's local school, etc since it is the most popular Bartlett moonwalk rental. The Extreme Speed Racer moonwalk rental is great for School fun fairs, birthday parties, company picnics, fundraising events, and a variety of other celebrations. Best of all, no gas is necessary to bounce and have fun. Thank you for considering Castle Party Rentals for your moonwalk rental needs in Bartlett, IL. If you need any additional information, please call our Bartlett office at (630)-400-6545 and they can answer all your moonwalk rental questions.

Bartlett, IL Bounce House Rentals (Combo)

 Chicago Moonwalk Rental - Combo, Combination, Jump, Slide, Climb
Sports Combo
Bounce House Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Moonwalk Rental - Combo, Combination, Jump, Slide, Climb
Sea World Combo
Bounce House Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Moonwalk Rental - Combo, Combination, Jump, Slide, Climb
Princess Mega Combo
Bounce House Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Moonwalk Rental - Combo, Combination, Jump, Slide, Climb
Knight Mega Combo
Bounce House Bartlett, IL

Bartlett Bounce House Rentals consist of a slide, jumping area, climbing wall, and basketball hoop all put together into one fun interactive inflatable. Castle Party Rentals carries two different types of bounce house combos, a standard bounce house combo and a mega bounce house combo. Regardless of which Bartlett Bounce House Rental you decide upon, your children will still be entertained for hours on end with all of the extra activities available in comparison to just a moonwalk rental. These Bartlett Bounce House Combos are becoming very popular, but they are a new concept, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Castle Party Rentals representative at (630)-400-6545 and they can answer all your Bartlett Bounce House Combo questions.

Bartlett, IL Inflatable Slide Rentals & Water Slide Rentals

 Chicago Inflatable Slide Rental - Backyard
Adventure Slide
Slide Rental Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Inflatable Slide Rental - Tropical
Tropical Slide
Water Slide Rental Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Inflatable Slide Rental - Castle Slip N Slide
Slip 'N Slide
Slip & Slide Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Inflatable Slide Rental - Giant Castle
Giant Castle Slide
Slide Rental Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Inflatable Slide Rental - Paradise
Paradise Slide Combo
Water Slide Rental Bartlett, IL

Chicago Inflatable Slide Rental - Roaring Rapids
Roaring Rapids
Water Slide Rental Bartlett, IL

Chicago Inflatable Slide Rental - Kraken 
Kraken Corporate Slide
Slide Rental Bartlett, IL

Shark Corporate Slide
Slide Rental Bartlett, IL

Bartlett Slide Rentals are one of a kind. Castle Party Rentals now also offers water slide rentals and huge corporate event slides. The weather man is expecting a hot humid summer so why not cool off with Bartlett water slide rental. Our Bartlett slide rentals come in a variety of shapes and sizes but will definitely attract a large crowd and entertain for hours on ends. Please note that our Bartlett Water Slide Rentals require a water source such as a garden house to utilize. Please call a Castle Party Rentals representative to discuss your Bartlett, Illinois slide rental or water slide rental.

Bartlett, IL Obstacle Course Rentals

 Chicago Obstalce Course Rentals - Backyard, Seven Element
Seven Element Obstacle
Obstacle Course Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Obstalce Course Rentals - Gladiator
Gladiator Obstacle
Obstacle Course Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Obstalce Course Rentals - Extreme Force
Extreme Force Obstacle
Obstacle Course Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Obstalce Course Rentals - Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush
Obstacle Course Bartlett, IL

 Chicago Obstalce Course Rentals - Dragon Rage
Dragon Obstacle
Obstacle Course Bartlett, IL

Chicago Obstalce Course Rentals - Pirates Cove
Pirates Cove Obstacle
Obstacle Course Bartlett, IL

Chicago Obstalce Course Rentals - Aqua Extreme 
Aqua Extreme Obstacle
Obstacle Course Bartlett, IL

Chicago Obstalce Course Rentals - King Kong
King Kong Obstacle
Obstacle Course Bartlett, IL

Bartlett Charles Obstacle Course Rentals are very entertaining. We not only carry the largest obstacle course rentals in Bartlett, but also throughout Illinois. We maintain competitive rates on our Bartlett Obstacle Course Rentals, but just to make sure, we have developed our price match guarantee. If you find a similar obstacle course for a better price, we will not only match our competitor's rate, but we will also beat it by 10%. To learn more about this Bartlett Obstacle Course Rental policy, please call a Castle Party Rentals representative at (630)-400-6545 and we can work out a price that satisfies your party rental budget and entertainment needs.

Bartlett, IL Interactive Games Rental

Pop-A-Shot Basketball
Game Rental Bartlett, IL

 Chicago IL Pony Hop Racer Rentals
Pony Hops
Game Rental Bartlett, IL

Boxing Ring
Game Rental Bartlett, IL

Radar Speed Pitch
Game Rental Bartlett, IL


Inflatable Twister
Game Rental Bartlett, IL

Sumo Suit Rentals
Game Rental Bartlett, IL


Sports Bungee
Game Rental Bartlett, IL

Gladiator Joust Jousting
Game Rental Bartlett, IL

Velcro Wall
Game Rental Bartlett, IL

Human Foosball
Game Rental Bartlett, IL

Rock Climbing Wall
Game Rental Bartlett, IL

Mechanical Bull
Game Rental Bartlett, IL

Castle Party Rentals offers many inflatable game rentals to its Bartlett, IL customers and residents. The Bartlett Game Rentals are very interactive and can entertain children for hours on end. We have boxing ring rentals, mechanical bull rentals, Velcro wall rentals. Rock climbing wall rentals, bungee run rentals, and much more. Looking for a game not pictured above? Then please give Castle Party Rentals a call at (630)-400-6545 and we should be able to get it for you.

Bartlett, IL Tent Rentals & Canopy Rentals

Castle Party Rentals offers Bartlett Tent Rentals as well. We have tent rentals for all different sorts of Bartlett, IL events. We have tents for small dinner parties of 10 people to tents for large corporate functions of over a 1,000 people. We also carry a variety of different kinds of tents in Bartlett such as different shapes, colors, and sizes. For all your Bartlett Tent Rental needs, please contact a Castle Party Rentals representative so we can put together a great package for you! (630)-400-6545.

Chicago Party Rentals - Tents, Canopy, Tables, ChairsBartlett Tent Rentals
Tent Class: Standard Pole

Tent Sizes & Tent Pricing
20 x 20: $149
20 x 30: $199
20 x 40: $249
*Prices includes installation*

Our Standard Party Tents are what we suggest for a simple and affordable party. These tents are the most common rental and can also come in a variety of colors such as white, blue, yellow, green, etc. They provide some great shade for your guests and really enhance the atmosphere. These tents are installed with excellence by our trained staff members. These tents will protect you from the rain or shine at an affordable price. Call for tent rentals in Bartlett, Illinois.

High Peak Pole Tent Rental - Chicago Tent RentalsBartlett Tent Rentals
Tent Class: High Peak Pole

Tent Sizes & Tent Pricing
30 x 30: $405
30 x 45: $495
30 x 60: $675
30 x 75: $805
*Prices includes installation*

Our High Peak Pole Tents are amazing. They are constructed by Anchor, the most premier manufacturer in the industry. All of these tents have white tops. Their high peaks can be seen from miles away and they sparkle as they reach towards the sky. Not only do they protect you from the sun, but are quite a site. These are highly recommended for high class events such as weddings, corporate events, festivals, etc. Obviously they can accommodate large crowds. If you are looking for an even larger tent than we have listed, then please give call us for their pricing. Call for tent rentals in Bartlett, Illinois.

Chicago Frame Tent Rental - Canopies, Tables, Chairs
Bartlett Tent Rentals
Tent Class: Frame

Tent Sizes & Tent Pricing
10 x 10:   $95
20 x 20: $245
20 x 30: $325
20 x 40: $425
30 x 30: $545
30 x 40: $645
30 x 50: $745
30 x 60: $795
*Prices include installation*

Frame tents are very elegant, yet very heavy, involve many pieces, and are quite a timely item to install. Due to this, frame tents must be installed by our highly trained staff. Frame tents have no center pole, which provides our customers with a greater amount of space. If you plan to set up a tent on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt, then such a tent is necessary because it allows us to utilize sandbags. Call for tent rentals in Bartlett, Illinois.

Geneva Tent Rental - Rent Tents in Geneva, Illinois
Bartlett Tent Rentals
Tent Class: Event Pole

Tent Sizes & Tent Pricing
40 x 40: $745.00
40 x 60: $895.00
40 x 80: $1,195.00
40 x 100: $1,445.00
*Prices include installation*

Our Even Pole Tents are for parties and events that need to cover a lot of people. We offer some of the nicest and most affordable event tents so that you can protect your guests from the heat, the rain, or provide your event with an overall feel of elegance. Our Event Pole Tents only come in the classic white color. Call for tent rentals in Bartlett, Illinois.

Bartlett, IL Tent Rental & Canopy Rental Accessories
Tent Lighting Rentals of Chicago Illinois
Tent Chandelier: $25 Each

LED Rope LIghting: $0.50 per foot

Solid Tent Sidewalls: $0.50 per liner foot

Mesh Tent Sidewalls: $1.50 per linear foot

Cathedral Tent Sidewalls: $1.75 per linear foot

Stage Section (4' x 8'): $49.99 Each
Step Stair Unit: $34.99 Each
Stage Skirt (4' x 8''): $4.99 Each
Stage Skirt (8' x 8''): $9.99 Each

Dance Floor Tiles (3' x 3'): $14.99 each

FlowPro Classic Cooler Tech Drum Fan — 28in., Model# 10251 | Buy now for just $229.99!
Huge Drum Fan: $50.00

*Tent Heaters Upon Request*

If you need any addition Bartlett Tent or Canopy Accessory Rentals, please contact a Castle Party Representative at (630)-400-6545.

Testimonials from past Bartlett Moonwalk Rental clients:

  • Peggy Lonache says:
    • "Castle Party Rentals is by far the best value. They had everything I needed for my party and I was thrilled to receive free delivery, setup, and takedown as a Bartlett resident."
  • George Karloff says:
    • "You guys did a great job at my daughter's birthday party. The moonwalk was a lot of fun and the entertainers kept the attention of the kids the entire time. I will surely refer you to all of our Bartlett family and friends!"
  • Ben Staltz says:
    • "I have 4 kids and I can always count on Castle Party Rentals to offer me the best price so that each one of my kids can have a special birthday celebration. We have been a client for many years. When we moved to Bartlett, IL last spring, we were delighted to get free delivery, setup, and takedown."


We hope that we will have the opportunity to work with you on your Bartlett, IL event this year. Please note that we have many other products and services aside from moonwalk rentals. We also rental obstacle courses, inflatable games, mechanical bulls, tents, tables, chairs, linen, bars, casino tables, and much more. For our complete line of products please visit and use the side bar to navigate through our site.

Company Information:
Castle Party Rentals
Bartlett, Illinois
(630)-400-6545 or (630)-400-0071

Serving Bartlett, IL and surrounding suburbs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals:

Q) Why should I choose Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals for my event?
A) We are a locally owned, family operated company that has been proudly serving the Chicago land area since 1997.  We offer helpful, friendly customer service. With many different inflatables to choose from, we know that Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals can help make any event a great success.

Q) How far in advance should I make my reservation with Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals?
A) The sooner you can make a reservation, the better. People reserve our units weeks and sometimes months in advance. We don't want you to miss out on the fun! Saturday is our most popular day of the week and it books up quickly, so the earlier you reserve the more choices you have. Call Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals to see if you inflatable are available (630)-400-6545.

Q) When do you deliver my order to the party?
A) We usually deliver in the morning between 7am and 11:00am, unless you request otherwise. We pick up once your party is over. Our goal is to not cut your kid's enjoyment early. When your party does end, just give us a call and we will pick it up.

Q) How much area is needed for my Bartlett Moonwalk Rental?
A) With the description of each unit, we have also included the unit's dimensions. You will need an additional 2 feet clearance on each side, as well as 2 feet of overhead clearance. If you have any questions about this, please call Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals at (630)-400-6545

Q) what surfaces can my Bartlett Moonwalk Rental be setup on?
A) The safest surface is a level grassy area. However, we can setup on asphalt/concrete driveways as long as it is fairly level. If you plan on us setting up on any surface other than grass, please let us know in advance so that we can bring along special equipment to do so.

Q) What if it is rainy or windy?
A) You have the right to cancel a reservation if there are heavy rains or if it is extensively windy (over 30 mph). We also have this right, since the safe operation of our units and customer safety is our utmost concern. However, once the unit is delivered, no refunds shall be issued due to bad weather.

Q) Should I tip the delivery man?
A) Yes. The delivery man should be treated just like your barber, pizza delivery man, and waitress. Just a few dollars to say thank you is all they expect. Delivering your Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals is very hard work!

Q) Are Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals safe?
A) Yes, because we deliver, set-up, and pick-up all of our moonwalks ourselves. We constantly inspect the moonwalks for any safety issues before we deliver them to you. Our moonwalks are equipped with safety ramps for easy access and exit as well as full view netting for easy supervision.

Q) What if I do not have an electrical outlet near the site for the Bartlett Moonwalk Rental?
A) Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals has generators available for an additional rental fee. You may also use one of your own generators. We ask that if your event requires a generator, that you let us know in advance.

Q) How much should I pay for a Bartlett Moonwalk Rental?
A) The larger the unit, the heavier it will be, and the more you will have to pay for it. Also, some units have graphics on them, which may add to the cost. What is great about Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals is that we guarantee the best prices in the Bartlett, IL area and will beat all competitor prices. If you find a better price on a similar unit, then we will beat that price by 10%.

Q) Can Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals be left over night?
A) Yes, as long as they are not being rented out the next day. Depending on the moonwalk, a small overnight charge may pertain.

Q) Will the Bartlett Moonwalk Rental ruin my grass?
A) No. The grass will jump back to its natural form within a day or two.

Q) Can a Bartlett Moonwalk Rental be set up on my lawn if I have a sprinkler system?
A) Yes. Please notify our office at the time of booking so that the delivery man is aware of this.

Q) Does the blower on the Bartlett Moonwalk Rental need to be running all the time?
A) Yes. The inflatable will deflate if the blower is turned off. The only time the blower can be turned off is when you are not using it or the weather is bad.

Q) Can the Bartlett Moonwalk Rental be used in the rain?
A) A slight drizzle is ok. If it begins to storm then the children should exit the unit. Once the storm ends, towel dry the interior of the moonwalk. If you forget to do this it will be very slippery.  

Q) Do I need an attendant for my Bartlett Moonwalk Rental?
A) No, but there must ALWAYS be someone responsible supervising the any moonwalk. Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals can supply a trained attendant for the charge of $15/hr.

Q) Can any of the Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals be used indoors?
A) Yes. (Contact us for more information) 

Q) May I have my event at a park or forest preserve?
A) In most situations yes. Permission from the Park District may be required. The park district may also require you to purchase additional insurance with is something that we provide. We have a very good relationship with the Bartlett Park District and Forest Preserve so you should have no problems.

Q) Is a deposit required for a Bartlett Moonwalk Rental?
A) Yes, however it is minimal. We ask for a $50 deposit for all events under $500 and a 50% deposit for all events over $500. However, we can work around this if any special circumstances are present.

Thank you for considering Bartlett Moonwalk Rentals. We promise put the bounce into your next Moonwalk Rental!