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Chicago Carnival Games
Frame Carnival Games Chicago
Baseball Toss $75
Quarterback Toss $75
Kick & Score Soccer $75
 Noahs Ark Carnival Game 
Noah's Ark $75
 Golf Challenge Carnival Game
Golf Challenge $75
Cannon Ball Toss $75

Froggy Fly Fling $75 
Touch Down Toss $75 

Alien Invasion Fram Carnival game
Alien Invasion $75

 Castle Conquest Carnival game
Castle Conquest $75
 Jumping Joey Carnival game
Joey Jump $75
 Penguin Fish Fling Carnival Game
Penguin Fish Fling $75
 Food Fight Carnival game
Food Fight $75
Rattlesnake Round Up Carnival Game 
Rattle Snake Round Up $75
 Shark Attack Carnival game
Shark Attack $75
 Slap Shot Hockey Carnival Game
Slap Shot Hockey $75
Tic Tac Toe Toss Carnival Game 
Tic Tac Toe Toss $75
Feed the Monkey Carnival Game 
Feed the Monkey $75

Frame Carnival Games are one of the greatest attractions in the Chicago land area. These frame games measure 5 feet by 5 feet (some larger) and have many different fun themes to suit your Chicago Carnival Game Rentals. These Chicago Carnival Game Rentals are setup by our professional staff. Our staff teaches you how to play each Chicago Carnival Game. The only thing you have to do is have fun with your Chicago Carnival Game Rental. Let us know if you have any questions about any of our Chicago Carnival Game Rentals!

Table Carnival Games Chicago

Frog Flinger $75

Ice Cream Madness $45

 Skeeball carnival game
Water Skeeball $75

Monkey Pinball $75

Alien Autopsy Carnival game Chicago, IL 
Allien Autopsy $75

Bowling Carnival game
Bowl-A-Rama $75

Black Hole Carnival Game 
Black Hole Game $75

Finish Line Racers Carnival Game
Finish Line Racers $75

Halloween Great Pumplin Carnival Game
Great Pumpkin $75

 Roller Bowler Carnival Game
Roller Bowler $75

 Tank Carnival Game
Battle Tank $75

 Can Toss Carnival Game
Can Topple $75

Table Carnival Games really add to the quality of your Chicago Carnival Game Event. They are big table games and offer a variety of entertainment options for all ages. Chicago Carnival Game Rentals are always fun and exciting. Not only will the participant, but also the crowd will be amazed by the interactive fun that these Chicago Carnival Game Rentals provide. For more information on any of the above Chicago Carnival Game Rentals, please make sure to contact your local Castle Party Rentals representative.

Bin Carnival Games Chicago

Gopher Hole Golf $45

Lucky Sucker $45

Stoplight Toss $45

Tic Tac Toe Game $45

Color Wheel $45 

TKO Toss $45

Can Smash $45

Put & Win Golf $45

Toll Toss $45

Hook's Treasure $45

Wrecking Ball $45

Color Toss $45

Shockwave Game $45

Trunk Toss $45

Potty Toss Carnival Game
Potty Toss $45

Say Ah Golf $45

 Ring Toss
Ring Toss $45

Plinko Mini $45

Bin Carnival Games are not only affordable but also an attractive option. They are sure to make your Chicago land Carnival, Fun Fair, or other school event lot's of fun. Chicago Carnival Game Rentals have been a popular American past time. No party is complete without a few Chicago Carnival Game Rentals. With a wide variety of Carnival Games to choose from, Castle Party Rentals promises to make your special event simply the best. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about any of our Chicago Carnival Game Rentals.

Other Carnival Games Chicago

Pirate's Gold Money Machine $145

     Laser Shooting Gallery $795  
 Chicago Carnival Game Rentals for Fun Fair or Carnival Game Rental
Bean Bag Toss $25
Football Ladder Toss $25
Chicago Carnival Game Rentals for Fun Fair or Carnival Game Rental 
Kiddie High Striker $75

Deluxe Duck Pond $95
Wacky Trikes $65
Chicago Carnival Game Rentals for Fun Fair or Carnival Game Rental
Balloon Darts $75 

Adult High Striker $175
If you need any game not pictured on
our website, please let us know and we
will get it for you at a great price!

We have a lot of great carnival games that cannot be classified into frame, table, or bin games.