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Castle Party Rentals offers a variety of fun dunk tanks. Dunks tanks have been an American tradition and are very popular at birthday paties, block parties, and a variety of other events. Our Dunk Tanks are simply the best! If you have any questions, need suggestions, or would like to make a reservation, please call one of our event planners at (630)-400-6545.

Pitchburst Dunk Tank: $225.00

The Pitchburst Dunk Tank may not be your traditional dunk tank, but it is becoming very popular throughout Chicago. The Pitchburst Dunk Tank  works like this. Fill up a balloon, usually with water, and place it atop the individual "who is going to get soaked". Much like a traditional dunk tank, stand back, and through the balls at the target. When you hit the target of the pitchburst dunk tank, a lever will pop the balloon or head, and splash down on whoever was in the chair. If you have any questions about this new an innovative dunk tank, please feel free to contact one of out sales representatives.

10 Great Ways To Play Pitchburst

  1. CLASSIC - Use full 11" or 12" water balloons. Pitch the ball, hit the target and SPLURSH! Extra fun for fund raisers when you charge $1 to $5 for 3 throws. Sometimes kids will line up and pay just to sit in the chair to be the one splurshed!
  2. LITE - Fill 11" balloons with 1 quart (or less) of water, inflate the rest with air. Same fun action, less water used (good when it's chilly out, or you're indoors with a kiddie pool to catch the Splursh water).
  3. SPLURSH OFF! - Use TWO Pitchburst games facing one another. Each contestant is both pitcher and Splurshee...each takes turn pitching while the other sits. First to SPLURSH the other wins! Get 2 popular VIPs to play for charity and crowd will cheer! (Can be played on one game too, but that requires more running around.)
  4. CONFETTI - Use confetti instead of water in balloons (make your own with a funnel, or buy hand-filled confetti balloons from us). Great for indoors, or when your VIP good sport really doesn't want to get wet! Also adds a great popping sound!
  5. SLIME! (OR APPLESAUCE OR PUDDING) - Kids have seen it on TV, so make it happen for wild and crazy events. Insert food-colored applesauce or pudding through a funnel (fill about 1/2 full) and inflate the rest with air. Be prepared to clean up, though.
  6. FLOUR - In a POP! your splurshee looks like a powdered donut! Funnel in simple white flour (about 1/2 cup does fine), and fill the rest with air. Nice variety especially for indoor fun.
  7. MYSTERY SPLURSH! - Unique combo game first used in London: Fill 4 opaque, numbered balloons: one each with water, flour, pudding, confetti. Let your Splurshee choose which number balloon they want to sit under - nobody knows what they'll get hit with until the target's hit. Great crowd excitement builder!
  8. FUNNELED FUEL - This one's unique for the pub or spring break crowd. Fill balloons with your favorite beverage (from tap makes it easiest). Splurshee sits in chair below the balloon, holding wide funnel in their mouth. When target's hit and balloon bursts, Splurshee gets a funnel full to drink. (Caution: see special note below.)
  9. PIN THE SPLURSH ON THE SPLURSHEE - A tame but fun game for little tikes. With someone ready to be splurshed (we recommend just a little water as in #2 above), the "pitcher" is blindfolded and given a Jugglebeanball. Instead of throwing, they're turned around 3 times and told to push the ball into the red target.
  10. WHEELCHAIR - Finally, a dunking game for fun loving people with disabilities. Pitchburst can be played in wheelchairs, by both the pitcher and the splurshee!


Tradional Dunk Tank: $295.00

This is the very popular Traditional Dunk Tank. Fill up the tub with water, place the victim on the seat over looking the tub, aim, steady, fire, and if you hit the target, there will be a big splash! This is our most popular dunk tank rental across the Chicago land area. It's a very nice setup, and if you are looking for an extremely fun attration, then you would definetly need to rent our Traditional Dunk Tank. If you have any questions about this classic dunk tank, please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives.