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Tents & Canopies  (630)-400-6545 
Castle Party Rentals has a growing inventory of tents, which are able to accomodate parties from 10 to 1000 people. Our tents are clean, contain no holes, and are something that our customer can be proud to display to their guests. We offer a variety of types as well as colors for your convenience. Make sure to take a look at each type of tent before making a decision to ensure that you are getting a tent which best suits your event. Pole Tent Rentals of Chicago are more economical, although sometimes Chicago Frame Tent Rentals are a must. We rent the finest quality tents from Anchor Industries. For all your Chicago Tent Rental and Chicago Party Rental needs, make sure to give Castle Party Rentals & Entertainment a call at  (630)-400-6545 . We have three convenient locations across Illinois in Elgin, Chicago, and Naperville. Furthermore, make sure to take advantage of the multiple tent accessories that we offer.

Important: Once you have booked a tent, make sure to call JULIE to locate and mark any underground utilities for us. We will be pounding in 42'' stakes into the ground and don't want to endanger anyone. JULIE is free service and their toll free number is 1-800-892-0123.

Chicago Party Rentals - Tents, Canopy, Tables, Chairs
Chicago Tent Rentals
Tent Class: Standard Pole
Tent Sizes & Tent Pricing
20 x 20: $149
20 x 30: $199
20 x 40: $249
*Prices includes installation*

High Peak Pole Tent Rental - Chicago Tent Rentals
Chicago Tent Rentals
Tent Class: High Peak Pole
Tent Sizes & Tent Pricing
30 x 30: $405
30 x 45: $495
30 x 60: $675
30 x 75: $805
*Prices includes installation*

Chicago Frame Tent Rental - Canopies, Tables, Chairs
Chicago Tent Rentals
Tent Class: Frame
Tent Sizes & Tent Pricing
10 x 10:   $95
20 x 20: $245
20 x 30: $325
20 x 40: $425
30 x 30: $545
30 x 40: $645
30 x 50: $745
30 x 60: $795
*Prices include installation*

Chicago Tent Rentals
Tent Class: Event Pole
Tent Sizes & Tent Pricing
40 x 40: $745.00
40 x 60: $895.00
40 x 80: $1,195.00
40 x 100: $1,445.00
60 x 60: $1,750.00
60 x 70: $2,050.00
60 x 90: $2,690.00
60 x 100: $2,950.00
60x120: $3,595.00
*Prices include installation*

Chicago Tent Rental Accessories:
Tent Lighting Rentals of Chicago Illinois
Tent Chandelier: $25 Each

LED Rope LIghting: $0.50 per foot

Solid Tent Sidewalls: $0.50 per liner foot

Mesh Tent Sidewalls: $1.50 per linear foot

Cathedral Tent Sidewalls: $1.75 per linear foot

Our Standard Party Tents are what we suggest for a simple and affordable party. These tents are the most common rental and can also come in a variety of colors such as white, blue, yellow, green, etc. They provide some great shade for your guests and really enhance the atmosphere. These tents are installed with excellence by our trained staff members. These tents will protect you from the rain or shine at an affordable price. Party Tent Rentals available at Elgin, Chicago, and Naperville Locations.

Our High Peak Pole Tents are amazing. They are constructed by Anchor, the most premier manufacteror in the undustry. All of these tents have white tops. Their high peaks can be seen from miles away and they sparkle as they reach towards the sky. Not only do they protect you from the sun, but are quite a site. These are highly recommended for high class events such as weddings, corporate events, festivals, etc. Obviously they can accomodate large crowds. If you are looking for an even larger tent than we have listed, then please give call us for their pricing. Party Tent Rentals available at Elgin, Chicago, and Naperville Locations.

Frame tents are very ellegant, yet very heavy, involve many pieces, and are quite a timely item to install. Due to this, frame tents must be installed by our highly trained staff. Frame tents have no center pole, which provides our customers with a greater amount of space. If you plan to set up a tent on a hard surface such as concrete or ashalt, then such a tent is necessary because it allows us to utilize sandbags. Party Tent Rentals available at Elgin, Chicago, and Naperville Locations.

Our Event Pole Tents are for parties and events that need to cover a lot of people. We offer some of the nicest and most affordable event tents so that you can protect you guests from the heat, the rain, or provide your event with an overall feel of elegance. Our Event Pole Tents only come in the classic white color. If you need any tents larger than this size, please feel free to give us a call so we can quote you on a larger tent.

Chicago Tent Rental Accessories:

Stage Section (4' x 8'): $49.99 Each
Step Stair Unit: $34.99 Each
Stage Skirt (4' x 8''): $4.99 Each
Stage Skirt (8' x 8''): $9.99 Each

Dance Floor Tiles (3' x 3'): $14.99 each

FlowPro Classic Cooler Tech Drum Fan — 28in., Model# 10251 | Buy now for just $229.99!
Huge Drum Fan: $50.00

*Tent Heaters Upon Request*